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Our team of tattoo artists is made up of highly skilled and talented individuals, each with their own unique set of skills and specialties. From American traditional tattoos to intricate black and gray designs, and from realistic portraits to bold and colorful pieces, we have a range of artists who excel in different styles. Each artist on our team has a deep passion for their craft and a commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients. Our artists are always pushing themselves to learn and grow, and they take pride in staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends in the industry. We believe that our diverse team of artists is what makes our studio so special, and we’re excited to help you find the perfect artist to bring your tattoo vision to life.

Charly Reynoso
Tattoo Artist

With over three decades of experience under his belt, Charly specializes in fine line black and grey tattoos. Drawing inspiration from music and movies, he uses his creativity to craft unique and meaningful tattoos that his clients love. What he enjoys the most about being a tattoo artist is the freedom it allows him to express himself creatively. 

When he’s not tattooing clients, Charly can be found listening to music, watching movies, or exploring new restaurants. His love for tattooing extends to a wide range of designs and styles, and he cannot pick just one favorite to draw. However, one tattoo design he’s not particularly fond of doing is tribal tattoos.

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Ben Menace
Tattoo Artist

Ben specializes in a wide range of styles including American traditional, Japanese, black and grey, fine line, neo-traditional, and most importantly, sick tattoos! He draws inspiration from vintage tattoos and cultures, esoteric religions, and psychedelic artwork, among other things such as comics, music, and cool stuff.

Ben’s favorite thing about being a tattoo artist is creating and showcasing his art on people’s bodies, and delighting them with his unique designs. When he’s not tattooing, Ben enjoys art, visiting museums, and riding bikes and motorcycles. He’s also not averse to neon pink dreamscape cyber rides into the digital sunset!

If Ben could only tattoo one thing forever, it would be bold, bright, colorful, energetic, dynamic, hand-drawn tattoos steeped in tradition and badassery. However, there’s one tattoo he never wants to do again: Pinterest tattoos. Ben believes in making tattoos cool, unique, and personalized for each client.

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Thai Do
Tattoo Artist

Their source of inspiration comes from classic enduring tattoo motifs, which they use to create unique and timeless pieces.

Thai’s favorite thing about being a tattoo artist is the opportunity to make art every day and the constant challenge of taking on new and exciting projects. Tattooing never gets stale for them, and they enjoy pushing their creative boundaries to create exceptional artwork for their clients.

Outside of tattooing, Thai enjoys staying active through exercising and competitive gaming. They also spend time working on their car and hanging out with their partner and two cats.

If Thai could only tattoo one thing forever, they would choose Sailor Jerry tattoo flash, which they find cool and timeless. The one tattoo they never want to do again is arm bands. Thai says they have done enough of them in their career to circle the globe.

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Guests and
Upcoming Artists

Tyler Hollyfeld
Guest Artist

One of Tyler’s favorite things about being a tattoo artist is the joy they can bring to people’s lives. Whether it’s helping a client express themselves through body art or simply putting a smile on their face, Tyler loves the feeling of making people happy.

When Tyler’s not in the studio, they can usually be found riding bikes, making art, playing pool, or indulging in their love of collecting things. They’re a true creative at heart and are always looking for new outlets for their artistic energy.

While Tyler is proficient in a wide range of tattoo styles, they have a particular soft spot for skull designs. There’s something about the classic imagery that really speaks to them and allows them to flex their artistic muscles.

Overall, Tyler is a talented and passionate tattoo artist who loves nothing more than creating beautiful, meaningful body art for their clients.

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Guest Artist

Mads takes inspo from all kinds of things. They’re big into old-school tattoo legends like Bert Grimm, Percy Waters Cap. Coleman, and Pinky Yun, as well as contemporary tattooists like Taryn Nessen and Courtney Place. But they also get inspired by vintage sci-fi book covers, video games, midcentury mod stuff, and just about anything they come across in their environment. Oh, and they grew up a feral lake child in OK, so that’s another source of inspiration.

One of Mads’ favorite things about being a tattoo artist is connecting with clients and hearing their stories. They love getting to know people and sharing moments with them, whether it’s a deep convo or just some laughs. When they’re not tattooing, Mads is always down for some travel, trying out new restaurants and coffee shops, hiking, crocheting, thrift shopping, or making a playlist. They’re down for whatever the day calls for!

Two of Mads’ absolute favorite things in the world to tattoo are lady heads and big cats. But they do admit to having a bit of anxiety about doing tattoos featuring Roman numerals, just because they have to be perfectly straight. Otherwise, Mads is always up for creating something special and meaningful for their clients.

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Milan Moné
Guest Artist

Milan finds inspiration in all sorts of things, from jewelry and artwork to motifs from different cultures, nostalgia, and metaphysics. They’re always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration to infuse into their work.

One of Milan’s favorite things about being a tattoo artist is the opportunity to meet new people and share their art with the world. They’re all about connecting with clients and creating something meaningful and special for them.

When Milan’s not tattooing, they’re usually traveling, collecting plants, spending quality time with their family, cuddling with their pet cats, or getting new tattoos themselves! Milan’s favorite tattoo to draw is their personally drawn flash, which is always unique and one-of-a-kind. They do have a bit of an aversion to doing large, full-color works. But hey, we all have our preferences, right?

Overall, Milan is a talented and dedicated artist who brings a lot of passion and creativity to their work. If you’re in the market for a beautiful, meaningful tattoo, Milan is definitely worth checking out!

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Miguel Arrue
Guest Artist
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